VOIP Services

Innovatus provides VOIP systems in the way that serves you best.

What little doubt existed should now be removed: VoIP is the next new thing in telephony solutions. As misconceptions erode and the underpinning technologies improve, the demand for IP-based telephony services increases.

However, with the decision to go VoIP comes change. New technology presents new hardware and infrastructure options, and VoIP is no different. To effectively deploy VoIP, your organization must have an objective once-over to decide exactly when and how you will implement VoIP.

While VoIP is the next big thing in telephony, your organization needs to be aware of how you will deploy this technology. There are three options:

  • VoIP-based onsite telephony equipment
  • Hosted telephony solutions that require IP to your site
  • Managed solutions that supplement your existing traditional phone equipment while keeping the VoIP technology in the network

The Innovatus VoIP program is designed to match your company's needs with the right VoIP options to maximize your savings. We assess your organization's needs, and then align you with the VoIP provider whose services best fit your application. Innovatus is provider-agnostic, assuring you of the most effective and cost-efficient VoIP technology available.


IP Trunking



  • Use IP phones with an IP PBX
  • Enjoy a direct carrier connection
  • Advanced disaster recovery features
  • No geographic number restrictions (keep them when you move)
  • More cost benefits

Traditional Dial Tone

  • Use existing phones with a traditional PBX or KTS
  • Use Integrated Access Device to connect to your IP access (T1, Ethernet, etc.)

Hosted PBX

Vendor neutral approach allows us to help you to select the best provider for your organization's voice application

  • Hosted carrier owns and manages all necessary network equipment
  • Enterprise-wide, web-based features, carrier-grade reliability
  • Reduced operating costs and increased scalability