A great system is just the beginning of a comprehensive security solution.

Careful pre-planning and proper installation are key to getting the best possible results. Innovatus' team of experienced professionals ensures that every aspect of security protection you need is never overlooked, and that your top-quality components perform to the highest industry standards. Our ever-present support is just a phone call away to assure your continuous peace of mind.

Innovatus offers the following world-class security solutions:


Alarm systems

  • Guard against burglary and unauthorized entry
  • Help qualify for insurance discounts of up to 20%
  • Manage system activity online

Video surveillance

  • Helps to stop shoplifters, vandals, employee theft
  • Cameras provide digital recording to document incidents
  • Improved employee performance, increased profits

Electronic access control (including web-hosted)

  • Protect your assets and sensitive areas
  • Restrict access to authorized personnel
  • Increase safety
  • No locks or keys to replace

Monitoring services

  • 24 hours/365 days by trained professionals
  • Fully connected monitoring centers to provide seamless service
  • Intrusion detection, fire/life safety, critical condition and remote video monitoring

Expert professional design and installation

  • Custom evaluation to define your exact requirements
  • Protection available for any size facility
  • We are licensed and fully comply with state/local codes and insurance requirements