Wireless Services

Innovatus offers a balanced, effective approach to wireless projects.

  • Our evaluation process integrates your technical performance, implementation timeframe and financial consideration goals
  • The same level of expertise is assured throughout our nationwide service area
  • Our vendor neutral approach frees us to meet your highest expectations

As companies grow, the burden of scaling properly to meet the mobile needs of the workforce is often met by the challenges of the environment and business needs of the organization. Innovatus understands both, and has a philosophy: "A wireless network is only as good as the applications you can run over it". With this in mind, we have developed a number of services to meet the various needs of your organization. Indoor/outdoor site surveys, cellular reinforcement, outdoor municipal networks, serving every location from the small office to the large hotel, office building, convention center or stadium. We are uniquely qualified to handle your every need, as our application integration process assures that your system functions will work together smoothly, and our broad understanding enables your system to perform efficiently and economically.


RF Engineering services

Turn to us for your needs:

  • Wireless network design
  • Security (Physical and Logical)
  • Complete and detailed site provisioning , installation and optimization
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end project management
  • Auditing services (Site inspections and best practice validation)


Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

  • Site surveys
  • In-house high-speed data applications
  • Portable laptops/PDA's
  • Voice-over WLAN
  • Building management services
  • Asset Tracking/RFID


  • Outdoor site surveys
  • GPS Satellite site acquisition
  • Point to point licensed and unlicensed wireless links
  • Point to multi-point licensed and unlicensed wireless links
  • Wireless sports and entertainment services
  • Campus wireless solutions
    • High bandwidth connectivity among multiple facilities
  • T-1/DS3 replacement
  • 99999s Reliability p2p high volume links (1Gbps)
  • Vendor agnostic

Video surveillance

  • Monitor assets
  • Secure sensitive areas
  • Works with multiple camera technologies

Voice over WLAN

  • Monitor assets
  • Secure sensitive areas
  • Works with multiple camera technologies

Wireless Content delivery (Digital signage)

  • Targeted messages
  • Crowd control/directions
  • Advertising revenue

Cellular Reinforcement (Extend cellular/CDMA/GSM/PCS services within your office or stadium)

  • Fully mobile voice and data applications
  • Multi-operator cellular service
  • Neutral Host systems
    • Fiber Distributed Antenna Systems
    • COAX Distributed Antenna Systems
    • Wireless Applications integration