Data Center Services

Innovatus is pleased to bring the finest data center specialists to perform your latest upgrade or build your new installation. Our outstanding cabling services, plug & play, rack and stack, inter-rack cabling and network patching are just part of our thorough approach to assure your critical success.

Our special focus on your Data Center needs includes:


Data Center and Technology Room Design

  • Space planning
  • PDU, CRAC, UPS and Generator
  • Hot/Cold Aisle, High/Low Density
  • Structured Cabling Requirements, "Streets and Avenues"
  • Raised Floor Requirements (Above or Below)
  • Cabinet/Hardware Planning
  • "Room-Ready" Criteria and Implementation

Structured Cabling Design and Analysis

  • Technology Needs/Requirements Analysis
  • Design Development and Engineering
  • Bid Documents: Construction Drawings and Specifications
  • Contractor Evaluation, Qualifications
  • Bid Conference, Review, Level Set, Negotiation and Recommendation
  • Testing, Acceptance, Certification, Turnover
  • "As built" Drawings and Post Documentation

Site Selection Analysis and Base Building Design


Strategic Planning


IT and Construction Project Management

  • Cabling services
  • Review implementation schedule to ensure adherence to CM's master schedule
  • Purchase, Receive and Coordinate Delivery of technology related materials
  • Provide input for facility construction coordination drawings
  • Resolve potential infrastructure equipment/structured cabling plant conflicts
  • Review proposed schedule of values for approving payments against work in place
  • Weekly reports on project implementation/schedule, conformance to documents
  • Coordinate cleanup of contractor debris and rubbish with CM
  • Attend installation related meetings as requested by the CM or client
  • Perform or review and approve cable test procedures and expected results
  • Witness/monitor testing, when necessary, per specifications
  • Review shop drawings, submittals and mockups
  • Monitor termination of station connecting blocks and distribution frames
  • Review contractor change orders for accuracy and content
  • Provide full-time onsite field observation during critical installation periods
  • Provide assistance to the integrated commissioning process and client's consultant
  • Assure no impact/disruption of the technology network and equipment connectivity
  • Inspect for substantial completion and issue punch list items
  • Monitor all corrections and jointly sign-off with client to confirm completion
  • Update construction documents to reflect as-built conditions
  • Review and approve final documentation from the contractor

Point Of Distribution (POD)

  • Racks populated with network switches, terminal servers and patch panels
  • Provide the infrastructure supporting implementation of Servers, WAN/MAN, SAN
  • Flexible, manageable environment, grouping cables and networking equipment
  • Each POD is strategically located within the equipment rows
  • Structured cabling in star topology from the POD to server racks, WAN/MAN, SAN